This recruiting bonus will be earned and paid as follows:

  • Day recruit completes training, earns and pays you $100.

  • Day recruit completes 90 days employment with CTCO, earns
    and pays you another $400.

  • Recruiters name must be on the application in order for the
    recruiting bonus to be paid out.

  • Terminal Manager must initial the recruiter's name on the

  • If recruiter quits or is terminated during this period the bonus
    stops on the termination date for the recruiter.

  • If new hire quits or is terminated during this period the bonus
    stops for both (recruiter and new hire).
Coastal Transport Co., Inc.
Coastal Transport would like to reward those who get out and tell our
story, as for I believe we have an excellent good story to tell.

You can earn a recruiting bonus that totals $500 for every qualified
applicant you refer that is approved and hired.  This recruiting bonus
will be paid to you on the regular pay date for the pay period it was
earned, and will come on a separate check.
Coastal Transport Co., Inc.
1603 Ackerman Road
San Antonio, TX 78219


Email (PDF) Applications To:
Coastal Transport employs only the best this industry has to offer.  
Who better to attract and recruit the best; other than the BEST!