1.  Meet all Federal and State regulations and requirements.

2.  Present a valid Class A Commercial Drivers License (391.11) for
state of domicile with X endorsement (tanker and Haz-mat).  Western
Division may require doubles and triples (T) endorsement.  A
photocopy must accompany the application.  If there is an accident in
your history, a complete written statement of the accident is necessary
prior to processing your application.

3. Must be at least 23 years of age.

4. Have a telephone where applicant may be reached for dispatch

5. Hair neatly groomed which may extend to collar length.  Be clean
shaven and it is permissible to wear a neatly groomed mustache
and/or goatee.

6.  At least 8 months driving experience out of the last two (2) years or
two (2) years of driving experience out of the last four (4) years of
employment - driving a tractor-trailer or the equivalent.  Applicants with
extensive driving experience will be considered.

7.  Agree to purchase uniforms, as prescribed by the company.

8.  Application for Employment must be completely filled out and
discovery of false information on the application will be grounds for
immediate dismissal.
Coastal Transport Co., Inc.
In addition to Federal and DOT requirements, the following
requirements must be satisfied prior to being considered for
employment as a Driver Applicant.
Coastal Transport Co., Inc.
1603 Ackerman Road
San Antonio, TX 78219


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