Over 65 years compiling a safety record which is one of the best among all tank truck carriers
is no accident.  Two factors make this even more remarkable.  One, we drive more than 30
million miles annually.  Two, virtually all these are high-density, metropolitan miles.  Taxis and
mass transit vehicles are the only ones who drive more.
This Record is No Accident
Successful safety programs don't just happen.  They're the product of constant training and
driver education.  But, safe driving alone is not the whole story.  All our personnel learn
product handling, equipment maintenance, spill control, emergency response and regulatory
compliance.  Then add one company-wide ingredient . . . common courtesy at all levels of our
Coastal Transport Co., Inc.
COASTAL takes very SPECIAL interest in the DELIVERY
All in the Family
Special Delivery
Coastal is truly unique in one very special way.  We have been owned and operated by the
same family for over 55 years of our 65 plus years history.  This means it's a short trip to where
the buck stops.  We can give you a direct answer to any question within hours, not weeks.  
Expansion decisions come just as fast.  So we don't worry about committees.  One man.  One
decision. That's how we work to make our customer relations quick and profitable to both of us.
Strategic Locations Mean Quick Delivery
Coastal's system of decentralized dispatch effectively turns our 28 locations into highly
efficient local operations simultaneously at any of these locations.  This interactive terminaling
allows us to quickly move trucks from a location with idle capacity to a terminal with critical
need.  This allows a level of on-time delivery unprecedented in the industry and we do it
everyday from Texas to California.
Coastal Transport Co., Inc.
1603 Ackerman Road
San Antonio, TX 78219

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